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For Organizations

Does your organization want to create access to an affordable healthcare option? WCA is looking for more organizations to partner with in order to offer continuity of care to as many people as we can. 

If you are interested, we can provide clinic based and off-site contracts to get acupuncture treatments to the people you serve. Let’s work together to create access!

  • In-Clinic Contract: $2000-$3000/month for unlimited treatments
  • Off-Site 6 Month Pilot Program Contract: $2500-$3500
  • Educational Presentation with Pop Up Clinic: $500-$1000

Please contact us if you’re interested in an organizational partnership. You can also find more information through our Substack Newsletter, Acupuncture Can Change the World.

Current Partners

Small Business Employee Acupuncture Support Program

We also partner with small businesses to make acupuncture accessible to their employees through our Small Business Employee Acupuncture Support Program.

Here’s how it works

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Your business decides that they would like to offer access to WCA acupuncture treatments as part of your employee benefits plan. You create a business account with WCA and purchase discounted acupuncture treatments (EZ Pay treatments) to put into your account.

Your employees make an appointment at any of our three WCA clinics – they check in under their name and let our front desk staff know that they are part of your business’s employee benefits program with WCA.

WCA tracks your account and notifies you monthly of the status of the account. We will tell you how many credits have been used, if your account falls under the number of predetermined credits that your business keeps in the account, charge your business credit card on file for the purchase of the credits needed, and send you the receipt for that transaction. If no additional credits need to be purchased, we will simply email you the status of the account.

As a thank you for being part of our WCA Small Business Employee Acupuncture Support Program, WCA will charge your business our EZ Pay package pricing. The cost is then 5 acupuncture treatments for $85 – always. Also, neither your employees nor your business will be charged the $10 new patient paperwork fee. This helps make it easier and more accessible for your employees to come in and try it out. All they need to do is show up!

There will be a one time admin fee of $50.00

How to start:

  1. Fill out the application
  2. Fax it to: 503-493-7281
  3. WCA will then contact you, fill in any missing pieces, answer any questions, make an account for your business, and send you an info sheet to give to your employees. The employees of your business can then make an appointment and come in whenever they would like.


Please contact us with any questions.