What is 5NP?
5NP is a simple treatment with many names: 5-Needle Protocol, 5NP, Acudetox, Ear Acudetox, NADA Protocol, NADA Acudetox.

5NP is a safe, effective protocol that addresses behavioral health issues including addiction, mental health, disaster and emotional trauma.

5NP is performed by placing thin stainless steel needles in 5 traditional acupuncture points on the ear: Sympathetic, Shen Men, Kidney, Liver, and Lung.

The treatment takes 30-45 minutes and is typically done in a group setting. It requires little set-up, supplies cost less than 30 cents per person, and it can be applied in a variety of settings.

Why 5NP?
5 NP is an easy to learn and teach, accessible, and barrier free treatment that can address a wide range of symptoms.

5NP was originally developed to treat addiction in the 1970s. Research has shown that it can also be applied to effectively treat a wide range of behavioral health concerns.

The success of 5NP demonstrates that healing and recovery happen together. Everyone should have access to this trauma informed, community-centered treatment.

5NP Legislation in Oregon
Our goal is to pass legislation that will allow non-acupuncturists to complete training to become certified acudetox specialists/auricular acupuncture technicians able to administer 5NP treatments.

5NP legislation in Oregon would make this treatment available to many Oregonians struggling with addiction, stress, and trauma and support the State of Oregon’s efforts to increase access to community health resources.

23 states already have legislation in place that allows non-acupuncturists to administer 5NP treatments. Let’s join them in expanding access to treatment options and, together, move in the direction of health equity.

Join the coalition!

Learn more about WCA’s work on 5NP here: https://workingclassacu.substack.com/t/5np


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