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92% of WCA’s funding comes from our patients paying for their treatments. About 2% comes from donations. We do not bill any insurance or, as a general rule, receive grants. This means we run on a shoestring budget and we depend on relationships with our community to do what we do! Please consider helping us so that we can provide affordable treatments to more people.

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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Working Class Acupuncture!

Volunteers bring a warm and welcoming presence to patients in WCA clinics. Volunteer help is a major part of how WCA is able to offer acupuncture at affordable rates. We are so grateful for our volunteers!  

Donate to Builders Program

We love our donors! We’re especially grateful to our sustaining donors, who have helped us open our fourth location in North Portland.

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Partner with Us

Would your organization like to partner with us? We provide acupuncture off-site at affordable rates and we’re especially interested in working with other mission-aligned nonprofits.