About Our Clinics

Photograph of our clinic

At our clinics we treat patients in comfortable recliners (like a La-Z-Boy) in a calm, soothing, and supportive group setting. This is what community acupuncture means to us: We support one another and accompany each other along the path of our individual health journeys. 

Since the 1980s, acupuncture in America has often been practiced like massage therapists’ practices, meaning that you’re alone in a room for the duration of the treatment. This can be very uncomfortable for people, especially if they’ve never had acupuncture before. In addition, acupuncture treatments based on this business model typically cost $75 – $150 per treatment. That’s a lot of money for many people, especially when you want to get acupuncture regularly. By contrast, our clinic charges $20 – $40 per treatment on a sliding scale. This means you decide what you can afford to pay, no questions asked.