Our School

receiving acupuncture

At POCA Tech we recognize:

that structural violence is a primary cause of disease in modern society;

that individuals’ efforts to be healthy, individually, cannot overcome or cancel out structural violence;

that healing is not a commodity, cannot be bought, and does not happen in isolation.

We believe our thought and analysis around acupuncture must begin not with abstract ideas and concepts, but with experience and social engagement. Using the community acupuncture model with hundreds of thousands of people over the last two decades has provided us with that experience and social engagement, and this school is the result.

A Technical School for Acupuncturists

Acupuncture is an art you learn by doing. We believe acupuncture is a beautiful intervention, especially for marginalized people, and it deserves an entire program devoted to learning to do it with skill and with love.

Acupuncture is a concentrated, minimalist, elegant way of helping people. It demands good technique. It demands that its practitioners be familiar with it in a practical way. POCA Tech is a school that is joyfully devoted to community acupuncture.