Student Clinic 

Getting acupuncture at one of POCA Tech Student Clinics helps support our school’s mission. Your treatment will be provided by a student intern under the direct supervision of a clinical supervisor who is an experienced, licensed acupuncturist. If you have had community acupuncture elsewhere, the experience will be similar except that the student intern will check in with their supervisor during the treatment. We desperately need more acupuncturists to provide affordable treatments. You are helping us train and educate them. Thank you!

About the community setting

Community acupuncture is a way of delivering acupuncture to make it affordable to more people. When acupuncture is too expensive, people often don’t get enough treatments to get good results. Our goal is to make it possible for you to get as much acupuncture as you want. We have ambient music and white noise machines in the treatment room; you are welcome to bring iPods or other personal listening devices. People sometimes snore; if snoring bothers you, consider bringing an iPod or earphones. You are also welcome to bring your own neck pillows or blankets if you prefer them to ours.


Call WCA North ‭(971) 427-9955‬ or Schedule online

Call WCA Hillsdale (503-244-7525) or Schedule online

Call WCA Rockwood (503-328-6259) or Schedule online

Prices: Treatments by student interns are $10 and there’s no new patient paperwork fee.

Paperwork: Download, print and fill out ahead of time or show up 10 minutes early to do it before your appointment.