Tuition and Fees

POCA Tech’s tuition is $6900 per year. We have a twice-yearly payment plan, paid in 6 equal payments over three years, of $3450 due on the first class day of each semester – September and March. Monthly payment plans can also be arranged.

Other Costs (estimated)

  • Student Clinic Fees ($1000/year) 2nd and 3rd years only
  • Co-requisite Classes (a broad range based on costs at individual institutions)
  • Clean Needle Technique Class (~$175)
  • First Aid and CPR Class (~$70)
  • Program materials such as books (~ $100 – $500)

Depending on which states you want to be licensed in:

  • NCCAOM Examination ($650 to $2500)
  • State Examination (Check your state)
  • State Licensing fees ($300 to $1000)

Optional But Highly Highly HIGHLY Recommended:

  • Private NCCAOM Exam Preparation Course ($250-$600)