Why POCA Tech?

POCA Tech provides a flexible, comprehensive acupuncture certificate program that students rely on and are grateful for as they embark on opening their own clinics for their communities. Kerri Quinlan, an alumni of PTI, speaks below about her time at POCA and how the program has prepared her to provide an affordable healthcare option in her rural, mountain community.

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I’m glad I invested my time, energy and resources into POCA Tech’s program because it gave me the comprehensive framework, and embodied experience, that allowed me to feel like a competent community acupuncturist the day I opened my clinic. My community is already benefiting from being able to access affordable acupuncture in our rural, mountain region, where healthcare options are limited. 

I encourage you to invest in the future of community acupuncture because it is the way healthcare should be delivered. When I roll up to a patient on my stool I feel like we are partners in their journey toward better health. POCA Tech held the space for me to learn how to be a knowledgeable practitioner, and a partner in someone’s journey. I feel like I have so many tools and insights from POCA Tech’s leaders and instructors that I could immediately apply in my own clinic. As I said to another former student after my first clinic day, “This is almost too easy! We were trained so well!”

There are so many things to figure out, and decisions to make as you open a small business, or a non-profit clinic. It is a true gift to have the muscle memory of 500 clinic hours to carry with me, and the voices of experienced community acupuncture mentors as constant guides on my path. As I’m sure is true for many community acupuncturists, this vocation has healed me as much as my treatments have supported others. 

Kerri Quinlan, Greater Good Community Acupuncture